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“DUI to Murder”


Dear Jim,

I have never been more impressed with an Attorney, The way you talked in the courtroom,Your knowledge, As well as you candor inside and out of the courtroom. I know this case took a long time,And it did cost me some money,However I am FREE.......Thank-You Mr.McCarron.....I could not have done it without you.
Warmest Regard's,
Larissa S.
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About Chicago Criminal Attorney James A. McCarron


James A. McCarron is a lifelong resident of Northern Illinois and has practiced law throughout Illinois as well as Florida, Wisconsin, Indiana and Puerto Rico. Since being licensed by the Supreme Court of Illinois in 1979, James has been practicing trial law.

Since that time, James has used his skills and expertise to win cases for his clients. He's helped loved ones stay out of jail. He's helped people keep their driver's licenses. The American criminal system is a difficult jungle to navigate, and James A. McCarron, Chicago Criminal Attorney, has been the guide for thousands of individuals through that jungle. From his days in high school through the present, James has a proven track record of success.

In high school James started a construction company JMC Construction, building several single family homes and apartment buildings. The success of this business allowed Mr. McCarron to attend the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he received bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and English. During law school, where he attended Northern Illinois University College of Law, James sold his construction company in order to clerk for the Honorable Richard J. Fitzgerald, the presiding Judge of the Criminal Division of Cook County. From this position James honed his trial skills by observing some of the finest attorneys practicing law. After receiving his juris doctorate, James took that experience and went directly into private general practice including civil litigation and a heavy emphasis on criminal defense.

For the more than 30 years, James’ practice has been devoted exclusively to criminal defense. Currently a sole practitioner, James devotes his time towards helping his clients from getting lost in the system. Mr. McCarron has defended over one thousand drug cases, ranging in severity from a solitary joint to a half ton of cocaine. In addition, James has conducted over one hundred jury trials. James has experience defending every crime currently in the book from DUI to murder and everything in between.

James A. McCarron is a Chicago Criminal Attorney that you can trust to help you or your loved in your time of need. He has helped thousands of clients in his career from getting lost in the system. There is not a single type of criminal case which James is unfamiliar with. There are very few attorneys left in the world who can say that.


University of Illinois at Chicago (1972) B.A,
Northern Illinois University
College of Law
(1978) J. D.
Yearly Continuing legal education (present)