above ground pool decks ideas

Above Ground Pool Decks

Above ground pool decks does not have to stick out like a sore thumb in your garden. You can incorporate several ideas to help your cover over soil mixture pool in your yard and lifestyle. Building a deck around your pool above ground pool can help your act more as an integrated pool. Build an above ground pool decks, create a cover that is round or square, which is essentially [...]

Amazing Mounting TV above Fireplace

Problems of Mounting TV above Fireplace

In a house with a fireplace, the focal point is the mounting TV above fireplace itself.¬†You can combine the fireplace and TV in a focal to mount the device on the fire point, but before you do, you should be aware of some of the problems that could arise. You’ll have to place a thermometer above the fireplace while running to check the surface temperature above the fireplace opening; leave [...]

Cool White Stacked Stone Fireplace

How to Install a Stacked Stone Fireplace

Stacked stone fireplace and tiles are a three-dimensional coating created from crushed stone. These are placed in a holder and installed on panels like tiles. For best effect, the tiles to be stacked. This will prevent vertical openings are formed and give a better finish to the wall. The installation method depends on the fact that there is already a liner in your chimney or if you have to build [...]

easy build a fire pit

Build a Fire Pit

Now that summer is approaching, many people tend to make their celebrations or hang out in the backyards of their homes. So today we bring you a simple way to build a fire pit that can actually be used for any time of year, for example in winter to heat the room and summer ideal for roasting our barbecue. The first thing to consider isto build a fire pit an [...]

fire pit ideas gas

How to Build a Fire Pit Ideas Outdoors

Fire pit ideas – If you dream of hours in front of a toasted marshmallow with the crackling of the fire and the dogs hot on a stick, you need a fire pit outdoors. No, not one of those modern devices that requires costly rhinestones and hours of hard work to put in place. You need to build an old well outdoors with rocks and stones flying freely. By following [...]

picture long Modern Gas Fireplace ideas

Advantages and Disadvantages Modern Gas Fireplace

Talk about the best stoves and fireplaces, today more details on the pros and cons of modern gas fireplace you count. Advantages They are cleaner than traditional. No smoke, do not use wood; you have no ash or soot. However if you can enjoy the feeling of open flames. And you can put logs or decorative pebbles. Modern gas fireplace more comfortable on and ready. With wood you have to [...]

Stylish Beach Glass Fireplace Screen

How to Build Indoor and Glass Fireplace Screen

The backyard fires to allow you to enjoy the warmth of the fire in the comfort of your own garden with the presence of family and friends. Instructions Decide where you want to place the glass fireplace screen. Keep it at least 5 feet (1.5 m) away from your house, porch, trees or any flammable object. Decide the size of your fire and draw this measure on the floor with [...]

Fireplace hearth photo

What Is the Difference Between a Home And a Fireplace Hearth?

Although it is acceptable to refer to your fireplace either as your home, the two differ significantly. In fact, a home is only part of a larger fireplace hearth. Fireplace hearth Commonly known as a home, a fireplace is an opening in the base of a fireplace in which you burn a controlled fire. You can add fireplaces inside or outside your home. Home The ground on which you build [...]

Corner image mantel designs  Winter

Two Versions Fireplace Mantel Designs

Fireplace mantel designs are a very functional piece of a house, because it can transform a cold to a warm and welcoming room. They can bring something new to the interior design of your home. They can be manufactured in two versions: wood burning fireplaces or gas fireplaces. Like the other models, wood inserts are also metal boxes installed in unit masonry to create a fireplace. This type of system [...]

Smokeless Fireplace 2014

Troubleshooting in Smokeless Fireplace

A wood burning fireplace adds warmth to work properly to your home smokeless fireplace. If your chimney causes problems, do something to see if you can resolve the problem before calling a technician. Instructions Open the hatch in the fireplace. If it is not open, the flue cannot get enough air. The result is smokeless fireplace in your house. Turn on some newspapers in the back of the fireplace. If [...]